Mandatory Stand-Up Talk

Exactly what is a Network Distribution Center?

The Dallas Bulk is transforming into the Network Distribution Center.  Many of you
may wonder, "What is a network Distribution Center?"  Similar to Bulk Mail Centers,
there will be 21 at various locations, throughout the nation.  Also, like Bulk Mail
Centers, we'll shorten the name and call them NDCs.  This new network of NDCs is
broken down into three distinct facilities, with specific operating goals.  There are
Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 - level NDCs.

A Tier 1 site will process destinating and originating turn-around mail for its service
area.  All Standard Mail, Periodicals and Package Services will be cross-docked from
a Tier 1 NDC, to the respective Tier 2 facility.  Tier 2 sites will also process single piece
distribution of letters, flats and containerized mail.  They will also dispatch First-Class
Mail and Priority Mail.  Tier 3 sites will serve as the gateway to consolidate mail from
the Tier 2 sites, when they're unable to send full truckloads to Processing and
Distribution Centers.

Dallas will become a Tier 1 and Tier 2 NDC, and
process the same type of mail it did
before the change, AND some single distribution of letters, flats, and containerized
mail.  Also, the Dallas NDC will dispatch all the First Class Mail it receives.

To process this kind of mail, the Dallas NDC will get two Delivery Bar Code Sorters,
and one Automated Flat Sorting Machine 100 and one DIOSS, which is a Delivery Bar
Code Sorter with an Input Subsystem and an Output Subsystem.  These new
machines will allow the Dallas NDC to run mail that is not barcoded.

Another major change that comes with being a Network Distribution Center is to
embrace 'live unloads.
'  During the holidays, the Dallas NDC unloaded "live
First-Class volume," when it processed Priority Mail.  This task will happen again for
Dallas as it unloads this kind of mail, on all inbound trips for our service area, with the
help of Highway Contract Drivers.  For example, once a trip arrives at the NDC, the
contract driver will back the trailer up to the dock and stay there, until it's unloaded.

With the NDC concept comes new work practices and disciplines that employees
must adapt to experience a smooth transition.  This is one way to provide
outstanding service to our customers, improve our market share by growing revenue.
But the best news is that postal employees, not contract workers, will work at NDCs.
Even before the downturn in the economy, mailers were drop-shipping mail directly
to delivery units, and bypassing the BMCs.  Now, it will have a second chance.

Let's work together and process all mail, which comes or goes to the Dallas NDC.  
Thanks for your time.